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Making travel more social, trackable and shareable

A Collaborative Effort between Lost Corporation and VAULT to revolutionize travel sharing through real-time adventure tracking.

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled journey like no other! Lost Corporation, the go-to event company for unique expeditions across North America, joined forces with VAULT to create Wayward – the ultimate adventure tracking app.

Wayward is designed to make your travels more social, trackable and shareable. You can share your authentic stories, including the mishaps and detours that make each adventure unique. (Read Wayward’s inspirational trip stories from Iceland, North America, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and India!)

Finding a lean solution

Lost Corporation initially approached VAULT with a raw, internal tool (then known as “Lost Tracker”) that lacked functionality. They needed a tech partner who could turn this customer-facing platform into an app that anyone could use on their independent adventures. VAULT accepted the challenge and worked within a tight budget to deliver a lean solution. The app was eventually rebranded as “Wayward”.

Collaboration is key

Jake Gafner, Founder of Lost Corporation, worked closely with the VAULT team to deliver the initial product specifications and ensure the project goals were met on time. Communication was key throughout the project, as priorities naturally shifted along the way.

VAULT implemented the core technology using the Radar application, a Software Development Kit (SDK), which allowed Wayward to have enhanced functionality such as granular access to location sharing and the ability to grab that location multiple times per minute. The app also features an offline mode that enables users to access core location services through GPS, making it perfect for off-the-grid adventurers.

One of the app's most challenging features was animating a user's trip route. This required complicated code with intense logic across multiple time zones, but it ended up being one of the app's most notable highlights.

Empowering adventurers everywhere

Wayward is now changing the game in the travel industry and the future is more than bright. As experts in outdoor recreation, the Wayward team is partnering with Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO’s) and Convention & Visitors Bureaus (CVB’s) to help produce authentic content for specific regions (i.e., finding hidden gems, local flavors, and the beautiful geography that makes each area unique). Wayward does this by sending its adventure-seekers out to showcase different regions through real life adventures and stories.

The app has also become a popular platform for brand-sponsored trips, with the most active users receiving invites to exclusive events. Wayward has partnered with the most adventurous brands out there and is always on the lookout for big and bold trip ideas. In many cases, Wayward can help adventure-seekers with funding, gear and exposure for their next big trip.

The app has since been used to track adventures in over 110 countries documenting all types of adventures from biking, sailing and paddling to motorcycles and road trips.

So what are you waiting for? Download Wayward on Google Play or the App Store and embark on a journey of a lifetime today.