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How tech sprouted a new subscription-based platform for this small business.


ProduceDesk began as a farm – selling and shipping its own produce. As ProduceDesk delved deeper into logistics, it saw the opportunity to use technology to develop a brokering service and platform that would expand and grow the business in new directions.

The Challenge

ProduceDesk initially wanted to target distressed produce. For example, if a provider had an overflow of oranges or other produce items, they could put out a signal through the service and users would be alerted and have the ability to acquire the shipment at a discount. With spoilage an issue, real-time integration and finding a vehicle that could move distressed produce quickly were primary considerations.

ProduceDesk, a technology-enabled business, but not native to creating digital products, tried to tackle the first iteration of this subscription service and platform on its own. Weighed down with errors and issues, ProduceDesk had to shelve the initial version. But the idea was sound and embraced by their existing ecosystem. The opportunity was there, but ProduceDesk needed a professional product development team to help bring their vision to a reality.

An early pivot in the scope of the service added more complexity. Instead of serving as a way to move only distressed produce, the new platform would be used to see, place and manage orders spanning all types of produce — from apples to zucchini. VAULT applied its proven process to develop a technical solution that would achieve their initial goal and create a new revenue stream to sell to their current customer base.

The Solution

ProduceDesk needed a digital partner to collaborate with and execute its vision utilizing the most cost-effective solutions. VAULT helped ProduceDesk define and prioritize which features should be implemented and then create a solution to get the platform up and running.

VAULT created this custom marketplace where ProduceDesk users can browse available produce in real time.

This User/Farm profile page offers a brief overview, contact information and what produce they have available.

This Kanban board allows users to easily track offers they have received all the way to delivery.

The Results

ProduceDesk utilized its new technology in a direct way to add new revenue streams to its existing business. VAULT proved to be the ideal product development partner, working in tandem with the ProduceDesk team to learn what their customers wanted, what ideas would and wouldn’t work in implementation, and then applying their technical expertise and experience to bring it all to life.

Through the organic give-and-take of ideation, VAULT helped ProduceDesk create a comprehensive, subscription-based, platform and service that effectively addresses three distinct areas of produce-related logistics.

  • Exclusive Marketplace — This gives customers the ability to sell for higher prices by increasing their visibility nationwide.
  • ProduceSOS — The distressed produce recovery tool allows businesses to quickly resolve rejections and claims.
  • Data & Analytics — Customers now have an expansive and concise view of the entire supply chain.

VAULT helped to design, code and manage our business web app. They are very communicative and provide top-tier stakeholder management for our execs, and excellent project management as well.

Micah Dorn
Product Manager at ProduceDesk

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