Ways to Work with Vault

May 8, 2023

Here’s a quick look at the ways you could work with Vault Innovation Group. No matter the engagement model you choose you’ll receive the same high quality work we deliver to all of our clients.

Hourly Engagement Details:

Description: Within this model an estimated fixed price is decided upon between Vault and the client based on the app or website. During the engagement milestones are agreed upon and hours are approved based on the user stories.


  • The work is based on billable hours for a specific scope and user stories
  • The ability to add or subtract hours based on the work that needs to be completed

Dedicated Resources Engagement Details:

Description: Within this model a company would receive dedicated development resources that would only be allocated to that specific project. The resources are managed by Vault Innovation allowing the company to focus on managing their business. In this model a company with an existing team can add dedicated resources to their team and new companies can hire their first dedicated engineering talent.


  • Save time and resources by letting us assemble a pre-vetted team
  • We handle all areas of management and project allocation
  • Full development team dedicated solely to your product
  • Ability to scale the size of your team as needs arise

Partnership Model Engagement Details:

Description: Within this model we partner with a company by taking an equity stake. Vault Innovation takes a small equity stake and reduces our regular hourly rate ensuring founders retain the controlling interests. We offer our expertise, network and development resources to address any issues or goals that a company might have.


  • Vault is aligned with your team’s success as a partner with equity
  • Equity agreements are flexible and can be based on vesting
  • Receive decreased partnership development rates

If you have questions about engagements or pricing please let us know at and a team member will reach out to you.

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