Hire a Quality Outsourced Development Team

August 9, 2023

Hiring an outsourced development team can be a stressful experience if you don’t have experience with app or website development. We’ve assembled the characteristics of a quality development team and tips when researching choices.

Keep these tips in mind when researching your choices for an outsourced development team:

  • Research current development trends and ensure the team you’re reviewing develops on top of these trends. Current top coding languages like React Native are used by popular companies like Facebook to help create better technology solutions of the future.
  • Create a shortlist of the team based on location. Outsourcing to a team based in the US allows you to meet the team in person and host regular meetings all in the same time zone.  
  • Select the team based on the right technology stack that you want to build in. If you need a data-focused website or application, using Python will be useful, so you want to confirm whether or not the team has experience building apps in this language before moving forward with hiring them. You must select the right technology stack. If you want to use python or scrum, then you must mention that in your requirements.
  • Check the online reviews about the team to learn more about what they do and their capabilities from past clients.

What are the characteristics of a great team?

Effective communicators

When you’re expanding your team having effective communication is important. Knowing when you can expect a product release or bug fix is important since your customers will expect the same level of communication. Understanding how your development team will communicate with you can help you create a clear directive for how the relationships will go.

Will work towards your product goals

To achieve a successful product launch for any team, the team needs to have defined requirements and clear vision. When interviewing a team you want to see if the team is vested in you and your product’s success. Before engaging to work on anything see if the team speaks to you about more than just the price and delivery. When you’re building a product having outside perspective and suggestions from your development team can allow you to save on potential mistakes since the experience they possess will give you an advantage over working with a team that is only driven by money.

Clear roles and responsibilities

Some teams have an engineer, product manager and designer all in one role. That person might end up developing the code, designing the project and managing the timeline. By working with a team that has clearly defined roles and responsibilities it helps create on time deployments between technical, product, or design teams and will help avoid confusion as well as prevent errors when there is one single point of failure.


Last and probably the most important aspect is hiring a team that has the experience you’re looking for. If you need a React Native or Python developer and the team just started coding in these codebases you probably don’t want to move forward with that team. A seasoned team will understand the intricacies of the code base and obstacles that your product might face when working in a certain code base. They can make educated assessments to help develop a product that users want to use and one that will function for your users.

The tips that we shared will help you find the team that you can trust and build your company a quality product through outsourced development.

At Vault we have the Learn, Build and Grow model that helps companies of any size from startups to Fortune 500 build software using modern coding languages like React Native and Python.

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