Tips and Tools To Set Your Team Up For Remote Work

May 8, 2023

With the recent uncertainty around the world there has been a move towards remote work for the near term. Many companies don’t have policies or tools to support the move to a remote work environment.

To help with this rapid transition to remote work we’ve put together some tools and tips we recommend. We’ve organized the tips for organizations and  remote workers.

Recommended Tools For Organizations and Workers:

  • Slack
  • Chat and file sharing tool for coworkers and teams.
  • Google Hangouts
  • Video conferencing tool by Google.
  • Google Drive
  • Share and store google files like google docs, sheets and slides.
  • Zoom Video Conference
  • A video software for audio and video conferencing.
  • Jira
  • A project management tool to plan, track and manage agile software development.
  • Asana
  • A project management tool to create workflows, projects and keep track of project statuses.
  • DropBox
  • A file sharing and workspace to share thoughts, files and ideas.
  • Lastpass
  • A free password manager to help generate strong passwords to share with your team.

Tips To Help A Remote Organization:

  • Meetings are important
  • Depending on your organization meetings might not be as important but hosting regular scheduled meetings are key to help keep the structure of the office environment. Some suggested meetings are daily standups, weekly team meetings and all hands meetings.
  • Socialize beyond work
  • Just because there’s no water cooler doesn’t mean you can’t treat slack or the video conferencing tool like a water cooler. Get to know your team better beyond work.
  • Reward and support your team
  • Employees need to be motivated and providing them support can help them work towards the company’s mission and goals.
  • Communicate the why
  • This builds on supporting and rewarding the team. Explaining the companies why and progress on group calls and 1 on 1 can keep the team excited for what’s happening and ha’t to come.
  • Use Remote Tools
  • Use some of the tools we suggested above to help connect your team easily.

Tips to Help A Remote Worker/Employee:

  • Treat your homespace like your office space
  • Space permitting you should create a regular workspace to do calls, work or get work done. If this space isn’t defined and needs to be fluid just make sure you find a quiet space. If you can’t find a quiet space noise cancelling headphones and sound blocking apps help to do the trick.
  • Get equipment to help you be productive
  • A desk, standing desk, fold-up desk, an extra screen or whatever you would have in your regular desk space should be used at home. Create an environment that feels comfortable and productive based on your space and personality.
  • Communicate with your team
  • Slack, email or call your teammates. Even if it’s just for work calls make sure to communicate regularly through different channels.
  • Dress the part
  • In sweatpants all day and don’t feel motivated? It’s shown by dressing the part it helps to increase productivity and move the mind out of the feeling of being home.
  • Honor your schedule
  • Block time to work, schedule meetings and show up to scheduled meetings. Just like being in an office working at home or from a coworking space is about creating a routine for your to follow.

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