The Journey from Growth to Exiting

Once a month I have the opportunity to do a live conversation with entrepreneurs from all walks of life during the VAULT Unlocked: Virtual Lunch series. Recently, I was joined by a good friend of ours – John Rood.

John is a seasoned entrepreneur, investor and education startup subject matter expert. His roots run deep in test prep and had a recent exit in this space. During our discussion, he shared some highlights from that journey and offers up some advice that applies to anyone who ultimately wants to take that path themselves – regardless of the industry they are operating in.

There were countless nuggets to pull from this conversation and one piece of advice really hit me in particular. Over the course of his experiences, John became dedicated to the art of writing good copy. He became obsessed with learning as much as he could about how to write words in ways that translated directly into sales and drive revenue directly from his website.

As an entrepreneur myself, I am constantly seeking ways to grow and scale. My background in business development lends itself to being interested in enhancing how to increase revenue efficiently. When you’re a startup founder, you’re likely wearing every single hat – sales being one of the most important. If you can leverage good copywriting for email drip marketing, ad copy and other sales assets you can maximize your time. It’s been said that writing copy is the most profitable use of time someone can apply themselves to. Per John’s recommendation, we at VAULT have been spending time studying this course:

John is a natural advisor and delights in the opportunity to share his insight. If he’s someone you’d like to know, you can find him on LinkedIn or shoot me an email ( and I’ll connect you with him directly.

If you missed it, you can check out the recording here: