Proceptual revolutionizes compliance for automated hiring systems

April 6, 2023

By Laura Crossan, Marketing Coordinator

As artificial intelligence and automated hiring systems become more prevalent in today’s job market, organizations are facing an increasing number of regulatory requirements to ensure fair and ethical use of these technologies. That’s where Proceptual comes in. Founded in 2022 by CEO John Rood and developed by Chicago-based Vault Innovation Group (VAULT), Proceptual offers compliance solutions for emerging laws that govern the use of these technologies in HR and people operations. 

“It’s important that as a society, we work to deploy AI in a smart, responsible and ethical way,” said Rood. “Regulators are working hard to keep up with the rapid pace of technology, especially in high-impact applications like hiring and HR.”

But who is going to step in and help companies with compliance efforts in this emerging field? “HR leaders often deal with compliance issues,” said Rood. “In fact, there are approximately 15-20 new regulations every year that fall on their desks. Proceptual helps companies scale by providing technology-enabled compliance solutions that produce results in as little as three weeks with no extra work required.” 

John Rood, CEO of Proceptual

Proceptual’s innovative technology has enabled it to overcome the challenge of navigating a constantly evolving regulatory landscape, making it stand out from other compliance solutions in the market. By tapping VAULT to create an auditing tool that automates the compliance process, Proceptual has been able to drive down timelines and pricing for its customers, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to ensure regulatory compliance. 

Additionally, Proceptual’s internal and client-facing dashboard allows its clients to easily track their compliance status and identify any areas that need attention. This level of transparency and ease-of-use has helped Proceptual to quickly establish a strong customer base, attracting real enterprise paying customers in just three-and-a-half months post-inception. 

Looking to the future, Proceptual’s ultimate goal is to provide a solution similar to other scaled compliance solutions that HR professionals rely on today.

“We want Proceptual to be the number one software provider for HR leaders in terms of regulatory compliance,” said Rood. “We are doing important work for our clients. We have employees and investors, and we have a fiduciary responsibility to them. As entrepreneurs, we are proud to stay in the game.” 

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