PetCentric Health improves quality of life

November 29, 2023

By Laura Crossan

Marketing Coordinator

Unleash exceptional pet care as PetCentric Health improves the quality of life for veterinarians, pets and pet parents through access to quality preventative care. The platform was developed in collaboration with Chicago-based Vault Innovation Group (VAULT). 

Experience a world where pet health takes center stage. PetCentric Health seamlessly blends state-of-the-art technology and compassionate care to unlock unparalleled benefits for all your furry companions. 

“We aim to increase access to quality healthcare for pets by empowering pet parents to provide high quality healthcare for their pets, reducing the emotional and administrative strain on veterinarians, while promoting the well-being of pets,” said PetCentric Health CEO, Heather Moore. “It is important for us to create a win for both veterinarians and pet parents. A lot of solutions on the market today tackle just one silo of issues impacting veterinarian medicine or access to care for pets. We want to pave the way as a solution that is beneficial to all in the pet health care continuum.”

So, how does it work? “For starters, a PetCentric subscription health plan is offered to pet parents by our partner veterinary hospitals. We help with the design and data analytics to help vets think through what makes sense for their practice. But it’s their plan, customized for their unique patient profile,” said Moore. “The plans are then powered by our PetCentric Health technology, along with comprehensive marketing and operations support, to empower veterinarians to offer preventative care to pet parents while having PetCentric Health manage the administrative and marketing lift. The win for pet parents is a subscription model that ensures their pet can get recommended primary care when they need it most, reducing delays in care and increasing otherwise low compliance rates with recommended preventative care.” 

PetCentric Health does the administrative lift of providing subscription-based primary care, decreasing the administrative overhead needed for veterinary hospitals when attempting to manage a care plan themselves. 

“Practice owners have experienced improved financial health and improved pet health within their hospital, and the entire hospital team benefits from fewer patient situations ending in avoidable chronic situations due to lack of good quality preventative primary care,” said Moore. “That is the win we want and the impact we want to make in the market.”

As an added benefit, vets and pet parents have access to The PetCentric Market Hub to explore savings and offerings from preferred partners like Embark, Grounds & Hounds, the ASPCA and PetScript.

“We leverage strategic partnerships to further the pet’s entire continuum of care for best practice resources and market partner savings for vets and pet parents alike,” said Moore.

“The VAULT team helped design and develop all the intricacies found within the PetCentric Health platform,” said VAULT CEO Jeffrey Dirrenberger. “The process involved numerous iterations and discussions to create a custom experience that meets the needs of both veterinary practices and pet parents.”

The platform features a Pet Flexible Spend Allowance to help pet parents save for unexpected health costs. There are various primary care models available to vets to help make pet healthcare more affordable.

Interested veterinary practices are encouraged to reach out to PetCentric Health by visiting

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