The Biggest Problems with your customer personas and how you can fix it

By: James Alt, Product Manager

Customer personas are step every business should take before marketing their services to their customers.

“Buyer Persona” or “Customer Persona”? Which is it and what is it? If you’ve seen these terms they are used interchangeably and mean the same thing. Buyer Persona and Customer Persona’s are generalized representations of your ideal customer and buyer of your product. These personas aid in a business determining the different profiles of their potential customers and segment them accordingly to acquire them as customers.  

Creating correct customer personas can mean the difference between a business acquiring or losing a customer. Here are some common issues that we’ve seen when businesses create customer personas.

Common Customer Persona and Buyer Persona Issues:

  • Not reviewing your persona regularly
  • Personas aren’t made to just create and put on a shelf. It’s important to regularly review your personas when doing marketing and sales campaigns, when looking at new markets to enter, when reviewing as a team to ensure you’re targeting and working with the correct persona for your business.
  • Incorrect Personas:
  • Creating Personas for customers that aren’t your target customer. When a persona is created the persona shouldn’t be the idyllic customer but the realistic customer that fits for your business.
  • Not communicating with your persona
  • After creating a persona many businesses don’t interview or survey personas to ensure they’re reaching out to the right customer.  Using in depth survey and interviews can help you expand your initial personas while also confirming who your persona should be.
  • Persona Fatigue:
  • Creating too many personas can exhaust your team and your approach. It’s key to find a balance of defining the personas that will help you target the largest amount of potential customers rather than creating multiple specific personas.
  • Not identifying your negative persona
  • The personas that are created are your realistic ideal customer but knowing your less than ideal customer is important as well. Knowing the customer you want to avoid can help your marketing and sales team identify people to stay away from so they don’t end up working with your customer success teams.

Now that you know some of the common issues with personas find the different sections of a correct persona and a worksheet here that you can download to create your own.

Key Sections of a Customer Persona and Buyer Persona:

  • Who is the target customer or buyer?
  • Why their a fit as your customer or buyer?
  • Where do they work?

Find descriptions of the different sections of the customer persona and buyer persona:

Who is the target customer or buyer?

  • Persona Name
  • Persona Gender
  • Persona Age
  • Persona Attitude
  • Personas Personal Goals:
  • Personas Personal Challenges:
  • Persona is the Decision Maker: (In Consumer Purchases)
  • What can your product do to help the persona: (In Consumer Purchases)

Why their a fit as your customer or buyer?

  • Persona Values
  • Personas Fears
  • Personas Annoyances and Pet Peeves
  • Where Persona Get Their Information

Where do they work?

  • Persona Job Title
  • Persona Company Profile
  • Persona Job Description
  • Personas Career Goals:
  • Personas Career Challenges:
  • Persona is the Decision Maker: (In Business Purchases)
  • What can your product do to help the persona: (In Business Purchases)

At Vault we have the Learn, Build and Grow model that helps companies of any size from startups to Fortune 500 identify their customer persona and buyer persona using proven tactics from our years of experience. Want some assistance or have questions about how to identify your target customer? Reach out to to schedule a free call.

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