VAULT Celebrates 10 Years of Growth and Innovation

May 8, 2023

Vault Innovation Group (VAULT) is celebrating 10 years of growth and innovation. Through a retrospective lens, VAULT CEO Jeffrey Dirrenberger takes us on a journey back to 2012, when he founded the custom software and digital product development company.

Prior to VAULT, Dirrenberger had many years of exposure and experience in creating consumer applications, B2B software products and launching startups. The self-taught  Chicago resident eventually harnessed every role in software development and continued to attain measurable growth – personally and professionally. 

As he began to edge closer toward his future goals and career path, Dirrenberger had the opportunity to  partner with various brands to build and market digital products, services and experiences.  With a deep-rooted entrepreneurial mindset and a profound desire to launch new tech startups, Dirrenberger embarked on his next and most exciting chapter yet – the creation of VAULT in December 2012.

“Through the years, I have seen the launch of hundreds of digital products and I take great pride in identifying viable market opportunities and executing cutting edge strategies,” said Dirrenberger. “This is what led me to start VAULT.”

In its early years, VAULT was positioned as a venture studio that focused on helping entrepreneurs and businesses build custom apps to help achieve growth and success.

 “Our vision was to launch successful technology-based startups while building an awesome team that was ready to take on new opportunities as they arise,” Dirrenberger added. 

VAULT’s offerings began to shift as “tech startups” soon included “tech-enabled businesses”.

 “The  key to our success has always been the ability to adapt in our space and being able to consistently exceed expectations by utilizing state-of-the-art technology to help companies innovate,” Dirrenberger added.

Today, VAULT builds software and consults for an array of small to medium-sized businesses. “We love building things,” Dirrenberger says. “We get to explore new ideas on a daily basis and continuously sharpen our skills in order to see outside the box.”

Looking back, the VAULT team has grown every year that it has been in existence. Today, VAULT has over 30 talented team members. “Our team has been strategically built up over the years for the purpose of providing a level of knowledge that reaches beyond the boundaries of each individual member’s skill set,” said Graham McFarland, Chief Operating Officer of VAULT. 

Terry Harmon, Chief Technology Officer of VAULT, says that watching and contributing to VAULT’s growth over the last several years has been a humbling and rewarding experience. “Growing the engineering department at VAULT from three talented folks in a tiny office in Springfield, Missouri to a distributed team seven times that size is something that has been a truly powerful experience,” he added. “I’m excited to see what challenges and success stories the next 10 years will bring.”

“Growing a company takes a lot of time and energy and there’s so much at stake,” Dirrenberger continues. “But at the end of the day, it’s all worthwhile when you get to work with talented individuals to create products that we all truly believe in. That’s what makes us successful. That’s what makes us VAULT.”
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