# The Perfect Project

April 24, 2023

This is a story about the Perfect Project…

Our tale begins in App Town, where a Client has just come up with an incredible, fantastic idea. After furiously scribbling on napkins, pacing about the kitchen, and calling up friends to see what they think, the Client breathes a sigh of relief and collapses into a chair. “If this works, it could cure cancer, solve world hunger, and make us a boatload of money in the process!” The Client laughs, almost delirious with joy, and takes a sip of coffee. “I *must* find a Team to build it.”

By sheer coincidence, App Builders LLC has an office just three blocks away. The Client bursts through their front door and requests, politely but excitedly, to speak with someone about building an App. The Client is quickly swept into a conference room to discuss their ideas and formulate a plan. Not an hour later, a Statement of Work is finalized. All contracts are signed, and the work is ready to begin.

“I have never seen such a clearly outlined project. Simple in concept, yet elegant. Why, it’s almost obvious in retrospect,” the Lead Architect muses at the end of the meeting before rushing out to show the others.

After that, progress is made quickly. Project Managers organize tasks and convey requirements with masterful precision to the Designers and Developers as if conducting a symphony. The Designers build wireframes, then jump immediately to final designs, each finished screen a glorious work of art. Developers write eagerly in their arcane languages, structuring and refining the code that will bring the App to life. Testers check every user flow and edge case, only to find complete features and a surprising lack of even the most insignificant bugs. The App doesn’t change direction during development and never needs further requirements or clarification.

Within only a few weeks, the App is complete with millions of copies downloaded every minute. Users weep tears of joy at the ease of use and jump for joy pure when experiencing what the App has to offer. The Client and the entire App Builders team retire on the spot, having created their Magnum Opus. One by one they leave for a private island, a cabin in the woods, or another paradise of their own choosing.

And that is where our story ends. Beautiful, isn’t it? A part of me wishes I could say that all projects at VAULT were like this one. Or that any projects anywhere were like this one.

The truth is that perfect projects don’t exist. They’re fairy tales. Real projects are often messy and have unforeseen obstacles. But the secret is *that’s a good thing.*

Now I can already hear the objections. Wouldn’t we all rather have the Perfect Project? Of course, we would! I could be sipping a cocktail with a tiny umbrella on my own private island right now, enjoying the sun, the sand, and the ocean breeze.

But every time a project changes direction, we learn from it.

Every time we find a bug in the code, we learn from it.

Every time we hand off an app to real users and get feedback that defies all expectations, both good and bad, we learn from it.

Here at VAULT, we sometimes make mistakes. Our clients do too. But we learn, adapt, and become better at what we do because of it. After all, if this was easy, everyone would do it.

We strive to build awesome apps, not perfect ones. So we invite you to work with us. Let’s see what we can build. And never stop learning.

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