The Manifest honors Vault Innovation Group

November 29, 2023

There are no industries that can match app development in terms of growth. Meteoric doesn’t even begin to describe how quickly the field has become a staple in virtually every company all over the world. The skill and talent in this industry are abundant, which is why it’s so hard for businesses to choose the team to partner with. There are too many variables to consider. Fortunately, one platform has come forward to solve this problem once and for all. According to The Manifest’s research, Vault Innovation Group is one of the most reviewed app development companies in Chicago.

The Manifest is a B2B blog resource that aims to connect companies with ideal project partners that can offer the specialized skills they need the most. One of the ways they do this is through a unique awards system that focuses specifically on customer service and satisfaction.

Before any company can win recognition under The Manifest criteria, they first need to earn more high-quality reviews from their client than most if not all their competitors. There’s no stronger proof of skill and quality than the positive collective word of former clients and partners.

This is why we want to show our gratitude to all the people who helped make this unique award a reality for our team.

About Vault Innovation Group 

Founded in 2012, Vault Innovation Group (VAULT) creates custom software solutions and digital experiences for tech-enabled businesses, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. 

With flexible engagement methods and a host of services such as strategic planning, product design, software development and operational support, VAULT offers everything needed to launch a digital product.

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