How to Write a Winning Job Post

March 13, 2023

By Laura Crossan, Marketing Coordinator

You’re hiring. You know the role. You even know the compensation plan. But how in the world are you supposed to find the right candidate? Well, it all starts with a well-written job post.

This is the very first step in attracting the right candidate for your position. It will also save time in the hiring process and enhance your company’s reputation, which will effectively improve the candidate experience. But how do you create that show-stopping, double-tapping post? Let’s tackle that now.
  1. Create a crystal clear job title.

Use a concise job title that accurately reflects the role and responsibilities of the position.

  1. Write an engaging job summary.

The job summary will give potential candidates a quick overview of the position and the company. 

  1. List the required skills and qualifications.

List the specific qualifications and skills required for the job, including education, experience, and any specific technical skills.

  1. Be transparent about the job responsibilities.

Use bullet points to list the specific responsibilities of the job. Be clear about your expectations, and make sure the responsibilities are related to the job title and summary.

  1. Company culture goes a long way.

Highlight the company culture and values, and explain how the position fits into the overall mission and vision of the company.

  1. Add information about compensation and benefits.

Provide information on the compensation and benefits package, including salary, stock options, and any other perks that may be available.

  1. Provide instructions on how to apply.

Make sure to include clear instructions on how to apply for the job, including any required documents or application materials.

  1. Review, edit and SHARE.

Review the job posting for errors, make any necessary edits and start sharing away!

By following these steps, you can create an effective job posting that will attract TOP candidates to your startup.

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