TGIFWV (Thank Goodness It’s Friday With VAULT)

It’s starting to feel like fall in the Ozarks. On Friday morning, before our team call, it was a brisk 35 degrees. The team discussed their weekend plans and how they planned to utilize the cooler weather. Did you get out of the house over the weekend?

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Company Announcements:

We had another team member announcement this week! VAULT’s newest project manner will be starting this week. Once she gets acclimated to the team I’ll be making a formal introduction here on our site.

We’re continuing to look for more engineers to join our team so, if you feel so inclined, spread the word about our great team!

Our team is also rolling out a new resource management system that we’re all excited about. It’s really going to upgrade the team’s time tracking and allow management to distribute projects in a more effective way.

VAULT marketing efforts continue to ramp up as we brainstorm new creative campaign ideas and distribute more and more content across our social media channels and our website.

Speaking of content; did you read the new blog our CTO Terry created last week? Click here to check it out:

One initiative we have is to share the team’s voice more on our website. We want anyone who comes to our site to be able to get a feel for each member of our team and the personalities they may be working with if they decide to use our services. Terry’s blog post is a great example of that initiative and gives you a glimpse into his personality and areas of interest.

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Client Announcements:

We gained a new client this week that we’re very excited to begin working with. We’ll be doing an official launch announcement with plenty of #behindthescenes but just know it’s a SUPER cool concept and any golf lovers’ dream!

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